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March 1, 2022

Security methods are incredibly varied depending on the needs of the property at hand. Whether you’re in need of manned guard security services or concierge security, Taybar Security offers all manner of core security services. Regardless of whether you’re looking at commercial or residential security measures, there are certain things that you’ll need to know ahead of the installation process. As a security guard provider, we’re very conscious about making our static security services apparent and accessible.

So, what are the key security facts that you need to know ahead of liaising with a static security guard agency?

What are Security Services?

A standard security system will be comprised of yard and window signs, security cameras, a high decibel alarm, motion detectors, window and door sensors, and a control panel. Each of these plays a key role in securing your premises, with the control panel at the forefront of the control centre.

Other security services offered by Taybar Security include keyholding and alarm response, mobile patrols, lock and unlock services, manned guarding, concierge security, event security, site security, retail security, door supervisors, education establishment security, and vacant property visits.

The above services involve a physical person being present, which is a greater crime deterrent than a computerised security system alone. Similarly, this allows for a faster response time than the use of alarms and cameras, as someone is onsite to immediately handle the issue.

Computerised security systems should be effective enough to defend a residential property; however, for a commercial property, a security system would be best applied alongside another security measure. Cameras are great for providing the authorities with necessary proof, whilst alarms act as an ideal notification for disturbance. Despite this, a person is required onsite to take action against the issue.

How Do Security Systems Work?

Virtual security systems are powered by a control panel that allows the property owner or security provider to enable and disable the alarm. They are usually equipped with a touchpad, making interaction and configuration a seamless process. Despite this, you might find that some are voice-controlled or function via remote controls.

Within a security system, you’ll often be presented with window and door sensors that will be made up of two parts. When a door or window opens, these two parts will separate, creating a security circuit. This will then send a message to the control panel, notifying the premises owner of an entry, resulting in the sounding of the alarm.

In addition to door and window sensors, you’ll find that motion detectors will create invisible zones that will trigger an alarm upon being entered. The alarm will provoke a response, as well as a reaction from the perpetrator. On top of this, the surveillance cameras will capture footage to provide you with the evidence for persecution if necessary. Finally, yard and window signs act as a deterrent by informing others that your premises are protected.

How Do Security Services Work?

Keyholding alarm and response involves you handing over your keys to one of our trusted staff, who will be responsible for unlocking and locking the premises each day. As well as this, it will be the duty of our team to respond in an instance where the alarm is sounded.

Mobile patrols involve security officers patrolling your premises, whilst manned guarding describes an instance where a security officer guards the access points of your premises. Similarly, concierge security introduces a level of customer service into security practices as your guard is perceived as a friendly face to those entering the premises.

However, for large-scale events such as festivals and concerts, you might require event security. These officers will be trained in handling conflict in crowded environments, placing safety at the forefront of their roles.

On the other hand, retail security officers are trained in handling issues that are exclusive to retail environments. These include shoplifting where a shopper may have to be physically restrained, which must be executed in the safest way possible.

Similarly, door supervisors are equipped to deal with issues that are likely to arise in venues such as nightclubs. These include safely dealing with people who are under the influence of alcohol or other substances, as this requires delicate handling. This is to ensure the well-being of everyone involved.

When it comes to protecting an education establishment, there are various measures that must be adhered to. This is because child wellbeing is particularly important, which is why all education establishment security officers must handle their position with care. Not only must they monitor the children within the establishment, but they must also ensure that intruders are unable to enter or cause harm.

Finally, vacant property visits are executed by professionals who are able to identify any abnormalities within a building. This is to ensure that the premises is not under threat from intruders.

Are Security Services Worth it?

There’s no denying that security services are worth it considering the amount of protection that it provides commercial and residential properties with. Although the costs may seem steep, you can’t put a price on the safety of yourself, your family, or your colleagues. Not only do security services ensure that your home is protected, but they allow you to control your premises from a distance, provide you with peace of mind, and lower your insurance rate.

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