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May 12, 2021

The Benefits of Manned Security

There is no type of business that can’t benefit from manned security. CCTV cameras, emergency alarms and floodlights are great basics of security and, depending on the location of your premises and the nature of it, they may be sufficient, but they’re not enough for every company and property.

In instances where an extra layer of security and deterrence are needed, Taybar Security can help. We have a wide range of security solutions to suit all manner of businesses and needs, including manned security.

What is Manned Security?

Here at Taybar Security, we have been providing manned guards across the West Midlands for more than 25 years, over which time we have perfected the service our SIA-approved and licensed officers undertake. Our manned security service provides clients with a uniformed guard who will work to ensure all health and safety measures are adhered to, as well as taking steps to keep business premises and those inside safe and secure.

There are a number of ways they may do this, such as acting as door supervisors, assisting concierge staff, providing directions and general support to event attendees, controlling crowds and engaging in key lock services on behalf of your employees.

We tailor our service directly to each client, meaning the duties undertook by our guards will differ based on the client and their exact requirements. This will also dictate the length of the contract. Our manned security service can be enlisted on a temporary, short-term or long-term basis, with the option to add in other aspects of security such as alarm responses.

What is Manned Security Used for?

There are a number of instances where a client may choose to employ a manned guard. Our guards commonly undertake duties at:

  • Events and exhibitions
  • Commercial and retail units
  • Warehouses and distribution centres
  • Gatehouses and checkpoints
  • Residential properties and estates
  • Schools, colleges and universities

The main duty of manned security officers is to provide a uniformed presence that deters antisocial behaviour, as well as to support existing employees so that they can carry out their jobs without worry of dealing with security issues and threats.

Benefits of Manned Security Guards 

Employing manned security through Taybar Security incurs multiple benefits, the first of which being that you have peace of mind that your premises and the assets and people within it are protected to the highest standard.

Manned guards are uniformed, which is oftentimes enough to deter would-be criminals from acting unlawfully. This reduces the risk of your business being the target of theft, robbery, damage and vandalism. In more extreme scenarios, our manned officers are SIA approved which means they are fully trained to deal with violent situations professionally and efficiently should they arise.

In addition to this, manned guards are able to restrict access to a property and prevent unauthorised personnel from entering. This is particularly useful for restricted events and premises like schools.

It’s not just threats from other people that manned security guards can protect you from; they are also trained to deal with fires, floods and other similar events.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Security Guard?

For a lot of businesses, the biggest hurdle preventing them from hiring manned security is the cost. There is no base cost for a security guard as we tailor our packages directly to you and your needs. The length of the contract will be considered, as will the duties the guards undertake and how many officers you require.

If you’re wondering ‘how many security guards do I need?’ or ‘what duties will work best for my business?’, contact us and we will be able to talk through your needs and find the best solution for you.

What Happens When I Hire Manned Security?

No two security jobs are the same, which is why we undertake extensive site surveys first and foremost when a client hires us for manned guarding. Following this, we will talk with you directly about your specific needs and how your business operates on a day-to-day basis. We then take this information and draw up a portfolio of contacts, conduct a risk assessment and compile fire safety and emergency situation documents.

Following on from this, we consult our pool of officers and select guards that we deem most suitable for the job based on their previous experience. We will also select secondary guards in case of absence of your main guard(s). You will be provided with copies of their professional certifications, including their SIA badge.

We carry out weekly visits with a trained mobile officer to ensure your assigned officer is performing to the highest standard, as well as to check on their welfare and identify any additional duties you wish them to undertake.

Each officer is backed up by a 24-hour control room on our end in case they need additional support or advice.

From a client perspective, we give you the option to undertake weekly, monthly or yearly meetings with us where we can run through KPIs, duties undertaken, and your general satisfaction level.

Arrange Manned Security

Keep your premises safe and secure by employing Taybar Security for all your manned guarding needs. To find out more about the benefits and how we can work with your business, please contact us.

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