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Taybar Security in Mansfield

With over 25 year experience Taybar Security is an SIA Approved contractor providing a wide range of security services throughout the UK to clients in many sectors across the Public and Private sectors, including Government, Councils, NHS, Commercial, as well as 700 plus schools and private residential clients throughout the UK.

Mansfield, with its rich history, strong local manufacturing and production industry, and proximity to Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood fame, is a beautiful and diverse locale. Like surrounding districts, Mansfield has a large manufacturing industry, generating more jobs in the sector than the national average.

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It’s also Nottinghamshire’s largest market town, with a population of over 100,000 according to the latest census. The town isn’t only naturally and culturally vibrant. Mansfield is considered one of the best places to live in the Midlands based on income, unemployment levels, and career opportunities. Entrepreneurs, brands, and professionals can find fertile ground for growth here.

Tayber Security, with 25 years and counting of providing nationally accredited security services, can be your partner in securing success in Mansfield.

Why choose Taybar as your local security firm in Mansfield

Taybar Security has been operating for over two decades in the Midlands. Using industry-leading best practices and an intimate knowledge of threats and challenges on the ground, we have secured the satisfaction of over 700 clients across different sectors. We can offer a solution crafted to your unique needs, whether you’re a global retail brand on Mansfield’s Market Place in need of Door Security or need security for an event in one of the town’s many idyllic venues. 

Our SIA licensed security guards are equipped with the skills needed to provide 24/7 protection, safeguarding your assets against theft, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour. Send us a message today and add one of the best local security providers in the Midlands on your team.

SIA - ACS Approved Contractor

ISO9001 Quality Assured Company

SAFE Contractor Approved

24 Hour Operational Control Centre

Dedicated Contract Manager

All Security Officers DBS Approved

Security Services in Mansfield

Key Holding & Alarm Response in Mansfield

Keep your property monitored and secured 24/7. With our Key Holding and Alarm Response service, you can rest assured that there will always be security specialists ready to rush in in the event of an emergency or alert. Our guards are also trained to handle and re-arm false alarms, so you don’t have to travel in the middle of the night to reset the system.

Site Security in Mansfield

Vandalism and theft are crimes of opportunity. Our Site Security service bolsters your defences and leaves no room to strike. Our specialists can also be tasked to manage surveillance cameras, patrol the premises, and even close shop after the staff have left the building.

Mobile Patrols in Mansfield

Roving patrols are a way to send a powerful message to would-be perpetrators. Our Mobile Patrol security officials can be tasked to patrol inside and around your property, conducting checks for structural damage and any suspicious behaviour. Our specialists are trained to follow unpredictable routes that keep even watchful criminals on the backfoot.

Retail Security in Mansfield

Shoplifters can cause thousands of pounds in stolen goods, and thieves can even put staff and customers’ lives at risk. Secure the safety of your property, goods, and customers with a dedicated security force. We have provided Retail Security services for large department stores and standalone shops alike, including CCTV surveillance, spotting shoplifting attempts, and handling anti-social behaviour.

Lock and Unlock Services in Mansfield

With our Lock and Unlock Service, you can shift the burden of responsibility from employees to security specialists. Our mobile guards are the last out of your premises, ensuring that all entryways and exits are locked shut. They’ll also be there before staff and cleaners in the morning to secure the area and check for any breaches that may have occurred overnight.

Door Supervisors in Mansfield

A door supervisor’s chief responsibility is to protect the staff and guests inside by screening unauthorised entry. Officials at the door are also first to greet your guests, employees, and visitors, providing the public’s first impression of your business. Our SLA-licensed officers are trained to carry out all the duties of a door supervisor, from managing queues to providing a polite and helpful presence at the door.

Manned Guarding in Mansfield

Cameras and alarms help deter crime, but the physical presence of security officers significantly increase your property’s defences against crime. Our SIA licensed guards go beyond that and can provide all-around security services, from bag checks at the entrance, responding to alarms and emergencies, guarding against property vandalism, and out-of-hours concierge service.

Education Establishment Security in Mansfield

Safety and preparedness has never been more important in academic institutions, and our Education Establishment Security service helps keep your campus a peaceful and crime-free zone. Our security officers are trained to keep your faculty, students, and staff safe through efficient emergency responses, diffusing anti-social behaviour, and swift enforcement of school rules.

Concierge Security in Mansfield

Concierge Security is the first point of contact for many guests, which means you’ll need security officers who are comfortable in customer-facing roles. They’re also responsible for checking in guests, logging in employees, and blocking unauthorised entry. Our SIA licensed security officers are trained to keep the peace and provide friendly customer assistance.

Vacant Property Security in Mansfield

Vacant properties without security are ripe for criminal activity. Properties that are also left empty can incur major structural damage. Through our Vacant Property Security service, you can keep your premises secure and protected during void periods. Our trained security teams can inspect properties for damage and check the area for signs of trespassing and littering, among other responsibilities.

Event Security in Mansfield

Safeguarding the well-being of attendees is crucial for the success of any event. Our SIA-licensed security specialists can provide efficient crowd control for small or large events, respond quickly to emergencies, and de-escalate disturbances so your event can run smoothly. Enjoy the peace of mind you need to focus on your event and your guests.

SIA Approved Professional Security Guards in Mansfield

All our security officers go through a rigorous recruitment and training process, ensuring we maintain our high standards as a security services provider. Our teams are constantly supported with development to ensure we remain knowledgeable, competent, and relevant in an ever-changing environment. 

Our security officers are fully vetted, hold an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence and have a detailed background check conducted. We employ security staff that are local to the area that your business is based in, this ensures excellent local knowledge, local employment, and rapid responses. 

All of our security officers are required to hold a minimum of five years working history with keyholding and alarm response services and will be uniformed, well presented and courteous in line with our values as well as your expectations.

About our Security Accreditations

Taybar Security stays a step ahead using the latest industry best practices. We are a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed service provider. By entrusting your business with an SIA-ACS awarded contractor, you can rest assured that you’re working with a partner operating according to the highest standards in the private security industry. 

We are also registered with the NSI under their Guarding Gold scheme, the organisation’s highest certification tier that combines ISO9001 accreditation and Product Certification of our related security services including Keyholding, Mobile Patrol, and Static Guarding.

At Taybar, your security begins with our hiring process. Every member of our team has been extensively vetted internally and by the UK’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). All our specialists are licensed to work in the private security industry, have spotless criminal records, and have no violations that make them unsuitable for the field.

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Latest Crime stats for Mansfield

Mansfield is the biggest market town in Nottinghamshire. And like many towns and cities with a dense population, it sees high rates of crime. There are 102 crimes committed per 1,000 people, which also makes it the most dangerous town in Nottinghamshire. Anti-Social Behaviour, Criminal Damage & Arson, Violence, and Shoplifting represent the most reported incidents. 

Crime hotspots appear to cluster around commercial areas. Of the approximately 280 crimes tracked by police in recent months, 69 occured around West Gate, which is home to many retailers and businesses. Mansfield East is the most dangerous district in the town, with more than 4,200 crimes reported. Yet wherever you may be situated in Mansfield, Taybar Security and our SIA licenced professionals are ready to provide the level of security you need.

Areas We Cover Around Mansfield

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