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Need a Bloxwich Security Company?

With over 25 year experience Taybar Security is an SIA Approved contractor providing a wide range of security services throughout the UK to clients in many sectors from to Public, Government, Councils, Commercial, NHS, and 700 plus schools and private residential clients throughout the UK.

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What Can SIA Approved Security Guards in Bloxwich Offer

All our security officers go through a rigorous recruitment and training process, ensuring we maintain our high standards as a security services provider. Our teams are constantly supported with development to ensure we remain knowledgeable, competent, and relevant in an ever-changing environment. Our security officers are fully vetted, hold an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence and have a detailed background check conducted. We employ security staff that are local to the area that your business is based in, this ensures excellent local knowledge, local employment, and rapid responses. 

Our security officers are required to hold a minimum of five years working history with keyholding and alarm response services. All our security officers will be uniformed, well presented and courteous in line with our values as well as your expectations.

Why Choose Taybar as your Local Security Firm in Bloxwich

Taybar Security uses a wealth of local knowledge gathered from over two decades of work in the West Midlands to provide bespoke security services. We’ve partnered with businesses from all niches and sectors, from small schools and large universities to corporate offices located at the centre of the region’s busiest business districts. Our SIA licensed professionals can be enlisted for a myriad of security work, whether that’s Door Security for one of the numerous pubs in the area, protection for your vacant property, or roving patrols to protect Bloxwich’s heritage buildings from vandalism. Enquire now and have one of the best local security providers in the West Midlands in your corner.

Why is Bloxwich Popular?

Bloxwich is one of the oldest middle-sized towns within the Metropolitan Borough of Walsall, its history tracing as far back as the Anglo-Saxon period. A once humble agricultural village of 600, it’s now home to over 25,000 people. Like many towns in the West Midlands, Bloxwich boasts a strong industrial and entrepreneurial pedigree. By the 1800s the town had become renowned for its cottage industries, particularly metalworking. Bloxwich awl blades were considered the best in the nation.

Today, industrial interest in the town remains high, with one property–a former history centre–selling for £610,000. An injection of government funds to the tune of £25 million for Bloxwich and neighbouring Walsall will also go into the development of housing projects, community centres, parks, and spaces for local start-ups and small businesses. 

At Taybar Security we are happy to help be helping local businesses find their footing and secure their property in Bloxwich.

SIA - ACS Approved Contractor

ISO9001 Quality Assured Company

SAFE Contractor Approved

24 Hour Operational Control Centre

Dedicated Contract Manager

All Security Officers DBS Approved

Our Bloxwich Security Services

Mobile Patrols in Bloxwich

Many criminals like thieves and burglars exploit patterns to find opportunities to strike. The presence of our SIA licenced officers can be enough to deter threats. And with Mobile Patrols roving the area, your property becomes a significantly harder target. By moving through ambiguous routes, our patrols make your perimeter harder to penetrate.

Site Security in Bloxwich

Vandals and burglars actively look for lapses in security when assessing targets. With security officers on-site, those gaps shrink significantly. Our Site Security team serves as a powerful deterrent to would-be criminals, and they can also be tasked to carry out various responsibilities such as surveillance video monitoring and locking services after hours.

Retail Security in Bloxwich

Businesses in Bloxwich are particularly vulnerable to shoplifting. A dedicated security team is a huge boon for retailers. Through our Retail Security services, businesses can better protect their staff, customers, and goods. Our SIA licenced guards are trained to meet the security needs of any retail store, from large chain supermarkets to small corner shops.

Key Holding & Alarm Response in Bloxwich

Secure your property, even after hours or when you’re away from the premises. Through our Key Hold and Alarm Response service, you can have professional security officers on stand-by 24/7, ready to respond to any alarms or breaches in a fast, efficient, and safe manner.

Education Establishment Security in Bloxwich

Having worked with over 700 clients in the education sector, our Education Establishment Security service can be adapted to meet the needs of any institution, whether small primary school or sprawling university. Security is an indispensable function in any academic setting and our SIA licensed officers are trained to respond to anything from bomb threats to enforcing school rules.

Concierge Security in Bloxwich

As the face that greets guests and visitors, officers at the concierge have two roles: support and security. Our SIA licensed security officers keep the peace and are equipped to fill customer-facing roles. Well-mannered and professional, they function as guards and can provide customer assistance when the need arises.

Manned Guarding in Bloxwich

The presence of a security officer alone is a strong deterrent against theft and anti-social behaviour and our SIA licensed specialists go beyond serving as visual reminders. Our security guards can be tasked to carry out a wide array of security and safety tasks, from out of hours concierge service to crowd control and bag checking at festivals, concert venues, and nightclubs.

Door Supervisors in Bloxwich

Door Supervisors are your first line of defence against crime and unruly behaviour. They’ll also be the first point of contact for customers and guests. Our SLA-licenced officers are trained to handle security concerns, conduct risk assessments at the door, and provide polite and professional customer assistance when needed.

Vacant Property Security in Bloxwich

Empty properties present an appealing–and easy–target for criminals. With our Vacant Property Security service, you can preserve the value of your assets, even during void periods. Our SIA licenced security guards are also trained to spot structural damage that can be catastrophic when left unattended.

Event Security in Bloxwich

With more than 2 decades of providing security for all types of events and venues, you can trust our Event Security service to deliver. Our SIA licenced teams can provide full coverage for your event, from manning your front of house to providing backstage security for guests.

Lock and Unlock Services in Bloxwich

Grant your business round the clock security through our Lock and Unlock Service. Have SIA licenced security guards be the last out at closing and first in at opening, patrolling and checking to ensure your property is safe and secure even before cleaners and staff arrive

Taybar's Security Accreditations

When you work with a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed service provider, you work with the best. As a SIA ACS awarded contractor, all our services have been audited and assessed by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), the organisation that sets the standard for security services in the UK. Taybar Security has also been awarded the Guarding Gold scheme, which is the NSI’s highest certification tier that combines ISO9001 accreditation and Product Certification for several of our security services including Keyholding, Mobile Patrol, and Static Guarding.

security camera security guards

You’ll only work with specialists who have been thoroughly vetted using extensive background checks. All our guards have passed through the UK’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), which means they possess no criminal record or infractions that make them unsuitable to work in the security industry.

Taybar Security is also a SafeContractor approved provider. That means our operations and employment practices have all been assessed and certified against legal and ethical standards.

Security Guard Walking around a building at night

Crime in Bloxwich

Bloxwich sees a relatively high rate of crime, ranking amongst the top five most dangerous middle-sized towns in the West Midlands. Crime rates last year came in at 123 per 1000 people, which is 4.6 percent higher than the regional average. Violence and Sexual Offences, Criminal Damage & Arson, and Shoplifting appear to be the most frequently committed crimes, with Shoplifting incidents clustering around the town’s High Street area and the Bloxwich Market. Spikes also appear near the vicinity of primary schools and community centres, underlining the need for increased public security. Blackenall Heath, which straddles Bloxwich and Walsall, reports the highest levels of poverty and crime in the Borough of Walsall. 

With over two decades’ worth of providing security services in the West Midlands, Taybar Security is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to protect businesses and institutions in the region.

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