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Looking for an Accredited Security Company in Coseley

With over 25 year experience Taybar Security is an SIA Approved contractor providing a wide range of security services throughout the UK to clients in many sectors from Public, Government, Councils, Commercial, NHS to 700 plus schools and private residential clients throughout the UK.

Coseley Security Services

Key Holding & Alarm Response in Coseley

Increase the security of your premises while staying out of harm’s way. With our Key Holding & Alarm Response service, you place the responsibility of first response to qualified professionals who are trained to diffuse and handle dangerous threats and breaches. Your keys are kept sealed in industry standard pouches, ensuring access remains restricted to you and your security team.

Site Security in Coseley

Industrial sites such as construction zones and production plants pose unique security challenges. Manufacturing floors are typically vast. There can be multiple warehouses in one compound. Our SIA licensed professionals are equipped and trained to monitor, patrol, and control access to construction and industrial estates of any size or type.

Manned Guarding in Coseley

Presence is a powerful tool for deterring even the most determined of criminals. Through our Manned Guarding service, you can hire SIA licensed professionals for a host of tasks including CCTV monitoring, patrolling, and locking and unlocking your building. Plans are completely flexible around your needs and can be offered on a temporary or long-term basis.

Education Establishment Security in Coseley

Coseley is home to a handful of primary schools. Many of them have been educating young minds for decades. With our Education Establishment Security service, you can continue to foster a safe and peaceful learning environment for kids. Having worked with hundreds in the education sector, our SIA licensed professionals are well qualified to ensure your school remains a safe place to learn.

Concierge Security in Coseley

Put your best foot forward with a professional security guard welcoming guests at the door. Our skilled Concierge Security teams are as equally equipped to assist and greet visitors as they are to respond to emergencies, threats, and conduct risk assessments. They can also be trusted to efficiently conduct front-of-house tasks such as logging in employees and routine bag checks.

Vacant Property Security in Coseley

Empty properties are a magnet for vandals, trespassers, and fly-tippers. These individuals can cause significant damage to your building or lot, lowering its value. Protect your real estate investment with our Vacant Property Security. With SIA licensed guards regularly checking and monitoring the premises, you can better mitigate risk through void periods.

Lock and Unlock Services in Coseley

It only takes one unlocked window for burglars to clean out your store or trash your site. But with our Lock and Unlock Services, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving a latch open after everyone goes home. Our SIA licensed professionals are also the first on-site in the morning, checking for breaches and protecting your staff well before the first cleaners come in to start the day.

Door Supervisors in Coseley

Keep thieves and suspicious individuals from entering the premises. With our professional Door Supervisors controlling and managing entry, you can rest easy knowing employees, guests, and customers inside your premises are kept safe. Beyond security, our guards can also provide helpful and polite assistance if needed.

Mobile Patrols in Coseley

Patrolling is linked to a significant drop in criminal activity, particularly violent crime. That’s because many vandals and thieves are opportunistic, waiting for lapses in your security before striking. With our Mobile Patrols, you patch any vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Our SIA licensed professionals are trained to move in indeterminate patterns, making your premises more difficult to hit.

Retail Security in Coseley

Losses due to shoplifting can be devastating, especially for small business owners. By investing in a dedicated security provider, you protect your merchandise, customers, and bottom line. Our Retail Security teams can spot shoplifting attempts, conduct risk assessments at the door, and handle anti-social behaviour safely and quickly. They’re also trained to provide first aid and deploy emergency protocols in case of a fire.

Event Security in Coseley

With every person you add to a crowd, the complexity of keeping them safe increases. Protecting and handling hundreds of event goers is a task you should only entrust to skilled professionals. Our Event Security specialists are trained to exercise crowd control measures for events and venues of any size, whether sold out concert arena or outdoor music festival.

SIA - ACS Approved Contractor

ISO9001 Quality Assured Company

SAFE Contractor Approved

24 Hour Operational Control Centre

Dedicated Contract Manager

All Security Officers DBS Approved

What can Taybar Offer as your Security Firm in Coseley

Taybar Security has more than two decades of experience operating in the West Midlands. We've worked with clients from every sector and of every size, from international brands and major manufacturers to neighbourhood corner stores and village primary schools. That industry knowledge, coupled with a deep grasp of the local landscape, allows us to craft bespoke and efficient plans for our customers. Whether you need security guards for an event over at the Silver Jubilee Activity Centre or one of Coseley's handful of primary schools, our SIA licensed professionals stand ready to protect and deliver.

Contact us today and take the first step towards a safer tomorrow for your business, guests, and residents in Coseley.

What is Coseley Known For

Coseley is a small town that is situated between Wolverhampton and Dudley. Home to an estimated 23,300 people, the town has strong roots in industrial and manufacturing. Prominent manufacturers once held their base of operations in the area. One of them is Bean Cars, which at one point supplied parts to some of the UK’s largest and historic automobile brands such as the British Motor Corporation and The Rover Group. Cannon Industries, which would become known for home appliances such as gas heaters, was established here in 1826.

While many of the original foundries have closed, the sites have been given new life as housing and mixed commercial spaces. Earlier this year, the local council secured a £10.2 million investment to develop a new primary school with sports and leisure facilities for the whole community.

We’re proud to keep the residents and business owners of Coseley safe as they build towards a more prosperous future.

Taybar's SIA Certified Security Guards in Coseley

All our security officers go through a rigorous recruitment and training process, ensuring we maintain our high standards as a security services provider. Our teams are constantly supported with development to ensure we remain knowledgeable, competent, and relevant in an ever-changing environment. Our security officers are fully vetted, hold an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence and have a detailed background check conducted.

We employ security staff that are local to the area that your business is based in, this ensures excellent local knowledge, local employment, and rapid responses. Our security officers are required to hold a minimum of five years working history with keyholding and alarm response services. All our security officers will be uniformed, well presented and courteous in line with our values as well as your expectations.

Why Trust Taybar Security

As a leading provider of security services in the West Midlands, Taybar Security endeavours tirelessly to stay on top of industry best practices and standards for excellence. We are an ACS-SIA and NSI Gold contractor, which means that we hold all the requisite accreditations and permissions needed to provide private security services. The National Security Inspectorate's (NSI) Guarding Gold scheme also bestows certification under the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which evaluates an organisation's Quality Management Systems.

Our passion for safety and security extends beyond our partners. As an Alcumus SAFE certified provider, all our operations have passed checks for legal compliance and ethical standards. Every security specialist we welcome onboard has been thoroughly vetted to ensure they're qualified and suited to work in the field.

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Latest Crime stats for Coseley

With 98 crimes reported per 1,000 people, Coseley stands as the West Midlands’ third safest town of its size. However, it still ranks poorly compared to the national average, landing at 22 percent higher than the national crime rate.

The most prevalent types of crime in the area Violence and Sexual Offices, Vehicle Crime, and Criminal Damage and Arson. The town has also struggled with an increase in Burglary, even ranking the worst small town in the West Midlands for burglary incidents last November. Most recent reports indicate that incidents have clustered around Gorge Road and Castle Street, which is found at the very centre of Coseley.

Areas we cover around Coseley

Daisy Bank | Rounds Hill | West Coseley | Upper Ettingshall | Hurst Hill | The Coppice | Swan Village | Parkes Hall

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