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Taybar Security in Newcastle-under-Lyme

With over 25 year experience Taybar Security is an SIA Approved contractor providing a wide range of security services throughout the UK to clients in many sectors from to Public, Government, Councils, Commercial, NHS, and 700 plus schools and private residential clients throughout the UK.

Security Services in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Mobile Patrols in Newcastle-under-Lyme

The presence of security officers is a highly efficient crime deterrent. Roving patrols increase coverage even further and make it harder for criminals to exploit patterns and known vulnerabilities. Our Mobile Patrols are trained to move in indeterminate ways, ensuring criminals are kept on the backfoot and making them less likely to target your property.

Retail Security in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Businesses lose millions every year to shoplifters. Unruly individuals can also harm your reputation and consequently, your sales. Protect your merchandise and your customers with a dedicated Retail Security team. Having worked with supermarkets and small boutiques alike, our SIA licensed professionals know how to prevent, assess, and diffuse threats.

Lock and Unlock Services in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Keep your store or office a crime-free zone, no matter the time of day. With our Lock and Unlock Services, you start and end every day secure in the knowledge that your defences are solid. Security guards are the last one out of the building, double checking ingress and egress points. They also arrive even before your first shift of workers begin the day, checking for any breaches that may have occurred overnight.

Door Supervisors in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Reassure visitors and deter criminals by placing visible security guards at your entrance. Our Door Supervisors can be tasked with a wide range of responsibilities, from bag and identification checks for corporate offices to managing queues at a nightclub. These SIA licensed professionals are also trained to provide polite customer assistance, leaving guests with a stellar first impression of your brand.

Manned Guarding in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Take a proactive stance against criminal damage and activity. Our Manned Guarding service stations elite security specialists on your premises, alert and ready to carry out a wide range of responsibilities such as CCTV monitoring, access control, mobile patrols, and lock and unlock services. With over 25 years of experience in the private security field, we can create plans according to your exact requirements.

Education Establishment Security in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Win the trust of employees and parents by showing them that you take campus security seriously. Through our Education Establishment Security service, you can hire SIA licensed professionals to uphold school policies, keep out trespassers, and enact emergency protocols. Having worked with over 800 schools, colleges, and academies, we’re uniquely equipped to meet the needs of large universities and village primary schools alike.

Vacant Property Security in Newcastle-under-Lyme

With no one to supervise over a building or a lot, vacant properties are easy targets for crime. Vandalism and break-ins significantly impact the value of a property, and incurs steep costs in repairs. Protect your investment with SIA licensed security guards, even through periods of vacancy. Among other responsibilities, our SIA licensed guards can patrol and check for intruders or structural damage.

Concierge Security in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Maintain your brand’s friendly and trustworthy reputation. Our Concierge Security services puts customer safety and satisfaction at the forefront. Our SIA licensed professionals are specially trained to hold front-of-house duties such as customer support. That’s on top of their ability to uphold the health and safety of the people inside your building through video surveillance, entry screening, and stopping anti-social behaviours.

Vacant Property Security in Newcastle-under-Lyme

With no one to supervise over a building or a lot, vacant properties are easy targets for crime. Vandalism and break-ins significantly impact the value of a property, and incurs steep costs in repairs. Protect your investment with SIA licensed security guards, even through periods of vacancy. Among other responsibilities, our SIA licensed guards can patrol and check for intruders or structural damage.

Site Security in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Expensive machinery and materials make industrial sites a prime target for burglars. Vandals are also drawn to manufacturing compounds and factories, exploiting poorly lit areas and unmanned zones. Secure your industrial estates with our Site Security service. Our SIA licensed professionals can fortify your entire perimeter through video surveillance, constant patrols, and opening and closing premises.

Key Holding & Alarm Response in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Most crimes happen under the cover of night, well after business hours. Ensure you can mount a swift response against breaches with our Key Holding & Alarm Response service. With SIA licensed professionals holding your key in industry sealed pouches, you can rest easy that any triggered alarm or suspicious activity will be investigated immediately by qualified security specialists.

SIA - ACS Approved Contractor

ISO9001 Quality Assured Company

SAFE Contractor Approved

24 Hour Operational Control Centre

Dedicated Contract Manager

All Security Officers DBS Approved

What can Taybar Offer as your Security Firm in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Taybar Security is one of the leading private security providers in the West Midlands. With over twenty years of operating in the region, we’ve amassed a deep understanding of risks and threats at the local level–and the solutions needed to address them. Our services are nationally accredited and all our professionals are SIA licensed, ensuring you only get the best of the best on your team. So whether you’re looking for Event Security for your show over at the historic New Vic Theatre, or Mobile Patrols to help secure your industrial estate, we can come up with a plan to your exact specifications.

Contact us today and start improving the safety of your customers, tourists, and employees in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

What is Newcastle-under-Lyme Known for

Newcastle-under-Lyme is a major market town in Staffordshire. It is the administrative centre of the borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme, and is home to some 79,500 people. The town boasts a rich history in industry, crafts, and clothing. It was initially known for its textile mills and hatting trade.

Like the rest of the West Midlands, Newcastle-under-Lyme grew more prosperous on coal mining and steelworks during the Industrial Revolution. The same industries continue to support the local economy today. Clothing, engineering, and manufacturing companies in particular remain important drivers of growth and employers in the area. In the town you’ll also find The Stones, one of the West Midlands’ longest running markets. First opening its doors in 1173, it now hosts more than 80 stalls and is open 6 days a week.

We’re proud to be your security partner in the bustling and historic town of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Taybar's SIA Certified Security Guards in Newcastle-under-Lyme

All our security officers go through a rigorous recruitment and training process to ensure that we maintain the highest level security service standards. Each member of the security team is fully vetted, holds an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence, has a required minimum of five years working history with Keyholding and Alarm Response services, and undergoes a detailed background check when they come onboard. Our security officers are constantly supported with learning and development to ensure we remain knowledgeable, competent, and relevant in an ever-changing environment.

We always employ security staff that are local to the businesses they are protecting to ensure we can provide local knowledge, boost local employment, and deliver rapid responses. All our security officers will be uniformed, well presented and courteous in line with our values as well as your expectations.

Why Trust Taybar Security

Taybar Security holds multiple national accreditations for its private security services. We are registered under the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) ACS SIA scheme, which sets the standard for quality in the industry. Companies are scored against 78 different areas, including operations and safety policies. Rest assured that you’re choosing a company that stays on the bleeding edge of industry best practices. We’re also a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold provider, which means that our quality management systems have been assessed against international standards.

Aside from our focus on excellence, we also place a premium on employee and workplace safety.

security camera security guards

We are an Alcumus SAFE certified employer, which means that our operations follow all pertinent legal and ethical standards. All our security specialists are vetted through thorough checks, ensuring they have no priors that make them unsuitable to work in the field.

Security Guard Walking around a building at night

Latest Crime stats for Newcastle-under-Lyme

With a crime rate of 63 crimes per 1,000 people, Newcastle-under-Lyme ranks as the third most dangerous town in Staffordshire. But it’s still relatively safer compared to the rest of the West Midlands and the UK. The town’s crime rates are 42 and 22 percent lower than the regional and national average, respectively. The most common types of crime reported are Violence and Sexual Offences and Anti-Social Behaviour. Robberies, vehicle crime, and drug offences have also risen over the last couple of years.

Hotspots for incidents include Willowcroft Way, Hillary Road, Castleview Road, Holly Lane, and Bateman Avenue. The neighbourhood of Beasly rates particularly poorly for Burglary, Violent Crime, and Anti-Social Behaviour. But no matter where you may be situated in Newcastle-under-Lyme, we can craft security solutions that mitigate risks specific to your area.

Areas We Cover Around Newcastle-under-Lyme

Bradwell | Cross Heath | Dimsdale | Knutton | May Bank | Westbury Park | Westlands | Porthill | Seabridge | Wolstanton

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