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Taybar Security in Smethwick

We are an SIA approved contractor with over 25 years experience in the security sector, delivering a range of security services through Smethwick and the UK spanning Manned Patrols, Guarding, Alarm Response, and Event Security. Whatever sector you’re in, we’ve got the security solution to keep your business safe.

Smethwick is situated in the West Midlands, and historically in Staffordshire. An industrial town that sits in Sandwell, Smethwick has historically held rich industries of manufacturing - the world’s oldest working engine, the Smethwick Engine, produced by Boulton & Watt, was originally placed near Bridge Street within the town, before moving to a science museum in Birmingham. Today, Smethwick continues to dominate the manufacturing scene, with traditional industries such as construction and automotive sectors leading the way within the town. We’re proud to be keeping the businesses and residents of Smethwick safe with our quality security services.

Why Choose Taybar As Your Local Security Firm in Smethwick

Our expert team have got the local knowledge and experience to keep your Smethwick venue or event secure, whether you’re launching a store and need Retail Security or you’re planning a holiday and require Vacant Property Security while you’re away - we have the solution for you. Our fully tailored Manned Guarding, Alarm Response and Mobile Patrol services are available 24/7, so you’ll constantly be protected from risks of theft, damage, and vandalism. Our SIA approved security officers have also worked with over 700 clients across the education sector in the Midlands to provide reliable support with keeping school property, students, and teachers safe. 

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SIA - ACS Approved Contractor

ISO9001 Quality Assured Company

SAFE Contractor Approved

24 Hour Operational Control Centre

Dedicated Contract Manager

All Security Officers DBS Approved

Security Services in Smethwick

Key Holding & Alarm Response in Smethwick

We are industry experts in Key Holding and Alarm Response solutions, providing a round the clock professional service for a variety of businesses and sectors.

Site Security in Smethwick

As a leading provider of Site Security in the Midlands, we know how to deliver an effective service that ensures maximum safety at all times, delivering a tailor-made plan complete with manned guards, patrols, inspections, and monthly meetings with your team.

Mobile Patrols in Smethwick

Our SIA approved Mobile Patrol officers provide another layer of security, available as part of a bespoke package in which we handpick the perfect member of our team for your unique business to deliver the most optimal service possible.

Retail Security in Smethwick

From uniformed guards, to floating officers, to CCTV management, our Retail Security team is fully trained to offer complete protection for your store and minimise risk of theft, damage, or and danger at all times.

Lock and Unlock Services in Smethwick

With our professional Lock and Unlock Services, you can rest assured that your site will always be properly patrolled, secured, alarmed, and made safe by our mobile officers, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Door Supervisors in Smethwick

From concert venues, to sports matches, to nightclubs, our Door Supervisors are trained to deal with any and every situation that might arise at your next event, and also have proficient experience in customer service to ensure your business’ reputation is upheld while maintaining maximum safety.

Manned Guarding in Smethwick

Our flexible approach to Manned Guarding allows us to tailor our service specifically to your business, with 24/7 security available on temporary, short-term, and long-term bases.

Education Establishment Security in Smethwick

We have experience with over 700 educational institutions across the UK, and can offer Education Establishment Security to any and every school system from primary schools to universities.

Concierge Security in Smethwick

At Taybar, our Concierge Security services are always delivered by officers trained in customer service and best hospitality practices, so you can trust that your brand image will never be compromised for your team’s safety.

Vacant Property Security in Smethwick

Our Vacant Property Security services are included in our Key Holding and Mobile Patrols package to deliver 24/7 safety and protection, with high quality inspections, alarm checks, and regular reports.

Event Security in Smethwick

We’re specialists in the Event Security sector, offering a bespoke solution enables our team to become an extension of yours while we deliver your event together, complete with risk assessments, plans of action, and expert advice on crowd control procedures.

SIA Approved Professional Security Guards in Smethwick

Each member of our SIA approved team is fully vetted and has a required minimum of five years working history with Key Holding and Alarm Response services. During our recruitment process, we also go through a detailed background check with each onboarding officer, and constantly support our team for their entire duration with us with learning and development initiatives.

Our officers are also always locally employed, so your assigned security guard will be a Smethwick local. This means we can provide local knowledge, boost local employment, and provide rapid responses in cases of emergency.

About Our Security Accreditations

We are an SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved contractor, with a licence that legally permits us to undergo security-related work within the UK. The SIA are a statutory organisation who regulate the UK’s private security sector, and before they were formed during 2004 there was no existing national licensing system within the industry. Instead, local councils were individually licensing security workers, and often skipped crucial background and experience checks in the process.

With the backing of the SIA, security guards, officers, and personnel have been provided the opportunity to raise the standards of the sector to the level it deserves to be. When you work with Taybar, you can rest assured that our services will always be provided by our properly vetted, SIA approved team to ensure the complete protection of your business. 

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All of Taybar Security’s services are audited and assessed by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) against best practices and industry benchmarks for excellence. We are also registered with the NSI directly and are certified under their Guarding Gold scheme, the organisation’s highest certification tier that combines ISO9001 accreditation and Product Certification of our related security services.

Security Guard Walking around a building at night

Latest Crime Stats for Smethwick

Smethwick sits in the 22nd spot for safest areas in the West Midlands’ 44 towns, villages, and cities, and even ranks in the top 10 safest medium-sized towns within the same area. The crime rate in Smethwick compares favourably to the West Midlands as a whole, with 107 crimes per 1000 people during 2021. This is 10% lower than the West Midlands’ rate of 118 crimes per 1000 people.

Of the crimes that do occur in Smethwick, violent and sexual offences are the most common. December 2021 also saw Smethwick have the most drug-related incidents out of any medium-sized town in the West Midlands, with 19 crimes reported in that month alone. During the same month, Smethwick also ranked highest for rates of bicycle theft and burglary of any medium-sized town in the same area.

Areas We Cover Around Smethwick

Abbey | Bearwood | Blackheath | Black Patch | Bristnall | Cape Hill | Charlemont with Grove Vale | Cradley Heath and Old Hill | Friar Park | Galton Village | Great Barr with Yew Tree | Great Bridge | Greets Green and Lyng | Hateley Heath | High Street Smethwick | Langley |

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