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Looking for a York Security Company?

Taybar Security is an SIA approved security contractor in the UK. We serve clients from various industries and public sectors, including private residential firms, commercial companies, universities, and government agencies. Organisations and individuals have been enjoying our security services for over 25 years. If you need maximum protection for your site or event, you can always call on Taybar Security.

Why Is York Popular?

York is a cathedral city in North Yorkshire that houses over 156,000 people. It is the administrative centre and the largest settlement of the City of York district.

York’s origins can be traced to the prehistoric age around 8000 and 7000 BC, with Mesolithic people having once lived in the area. The actual city was founded in 71 AD by the Romans, serving as a fortress for legionary soldiers. It was originally called Eboracum. After the Normans had conquered England, York developed into a major cloth manufacturing and trading centre, with products from all over Europe were bought and sold in the city.

From the reign of the Tudors to the Georgians, York saw great political turmoil. Catholic orders were put to an end under King Henry VIII’s rule. Guy Fawkes, the conspiracist responsible for the Gunpowder Plot, hailed from York. The Parliamentarians laid waste to the city during the Civil War. Amidst all the social upheaval, York remained an important city that found economic prominence through its popularity with wealthy northerners.

The introduction of railways to York in the 19th century helped turn it into a key transport route for the country, jumpstarting engineering and confectionery businesses in the city as well. York’s transportation foundation came to be the bedrock for its modern-day success in the tourism and service industries. York Castle, York Minster, and the Theatre Royal stand out as the city’s greater cultural sites, while the annual York Food & Drink Festival brings in hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Benefits of Choosing Taybar as your York Security Company

York’s role as the administrative centre of the wider City of York and a major transport hub in northeast England puts it in the prime position of attracting businesses. Organisations looking for opportunities in the city don’t have to look far, especially in the service and tourism industries that thrive in York. Find the financial success you deserve and secure it with the help of Taybar Security.

We offer private protection services of the highest calibre in the country. Whether you have a retail outlet at Coppergate Shopping Centre or Monks Cross Shopping Park, or you are hosting an event at the Guildhall or Bedern Hall, you can count on Taybar to provide professional security officers to keep your site and event safe. We can deploy security guards that know the ins and outs of York for your peace of mind.

SIA - ACS Approved Contractor

ISO9001 Quality Assured Company

SAFE Contractor Approved

24 Hour Operational Control Centre

Dedicated Contract Manager

All Security Officers DBS Approved

Security Services Taybar Offer in York

Retail Security in York

Make sure your store is safe and secure from burglars and troublemakers with the help of our Retail Security services. We can assign static security officers to watch over key locations, and assign floating security officers to patrol your property. CCTV cameras can also be installed in hotspots to deter thieves and record criminal activity.

Site Security in York

Our Site Security services are comprehensive in their coverage. We can do physical security checks, set up guard stations, and install surveillance cameras throughout your property. Lock and unlock services are also included in these services.

Vacant Property security in York

Have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vacant property is under the watchful eye of security professionals. We provide Vacant Property Inspections that are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can have security officers and CCTV cameras securing your site to deter trespassers and troublemakers.

Education Establishment Security in York

Taybar Security has over two decades of experience in the field of Education Establishment security. Throughout those years of service, we have protected over 700 schools in the UK. From universities to primary schools, our security officers have proven to be effective in ensuring the safety of students, teaching staff, and school property.

Manned Guarding in York

If you need highly trained security officers to protect your property and people, you can count on our Manned Guarding services. We can deploy expert personnel for short and long-term security assignments, including 24/7 guard duty.

Door Supervisors in York

Keep your property and event secure when you have our Door Supervisors manning the doors. With our security officers watching over your site’s entrances and exits, you can have the peace of mind knowing only invited guests and credentialed staff can access your site.

Concierge Security in York

Reception requires security just as much as your property’s other areas. Support the reception staff of your organisation with our Concierge Security services. Our security guards are trained with customer service in mind, so rest assured that your guests are treated respectfully while security issues are dealt with calmly.

Lock and Unlock Services in York

Ensure your property is locked down tight after the work day with our security officers on the job. Our team will check all doors, windows, and other potential access points once your staff have left the premises. Our security guards will also be there in time to unlock the site just in time as your staff arrives to start the work day.

Mobile Patrols in York

Protect all the important spaces on your property, inside and out, with our Mobile Patrol security services. We can assign security officers that are trained and equipped to follow patrol routes covering your entire site. Rest assured that the routes are designed to be indiscernible to opportunists.

Key Holding & Alarm Response in York

We place your keys inside industry-regulated sealed pouches during storage. We have a 24-hour control centre that allows us to mobilise a rapid response team to your site in case of emergencies where your alarm system is triggered. We also run thorough risk assessments as part of the service.

Event Security in York

When planning an event, consider the security that you need to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. We can provide the Event Security services that work for whatever type of event and venue. From concerts in massive arenas to exclusive parties in intimate settings, you can rely on us. Our security officers can collaborate with your staff and provide insight on crowd control procedures.

Taybar's SIA-Approved York Security Guards

Taybar Security is known for providing security officers that exude professionalism in their work. Our company built this reputation through an extensive recruitment and training process. Every security guard that joins our ranks has to pass a detailed background check and earn a licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA). We also require each security officer to have at least five years of experience in keyholding and alarm response services. We pride ourselves in staying up to date on all the latest industry trends, standards, and legal obligations. Maintaining this commitment is only possible through regular training sessions for our team. For our clients in York, we assign security professionals that are knowledgeable about the area.

About our Security Accreditations

Taybar Security is approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to provide security services throughout the UK. The SIA is the regulatory body of the private security industry. It is responsible for setting standards for private security firms to follow. It is also in charge of licencing private security workers. Security companies that need guidance on how to improve their services can consult the SIA for valuable insight. Before the SIA’s establishment, legal compliance was handled by local councils, each with their own set of requirements before they would grant authority to private security workers looking to provide their services in the area.

The SIA streamlined authorisation for all private security companies, and in doing so improved the quality of services in the industry and raised the credibility of the entire industry. With SIA approval, Taybar Security is a security contractor that you can count on.

security camera security guards

All of Taybar Security’s services are audited and assessed by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) against best practices and industry benchmarks for excellence. We are also registered with the NSI directly and are certified under their Guarding Gold scheme, the organisation’s highest certification tier that combines ISO9001 accreditation and Product Certification of our related security services.

Security Guard Walking around a building at night

Latest Crime stats for York

York is the most dangerous major town in North Yorkshire. In 2021, the crime rate was 73 crimes per 1000 people. As of 2023, the crime rate is 25% lower than the regional average and 5% lower than the national average.

While York may have the highest crime rate for a major town in the region, it still fares relatively well against all other towns, villages, and cities in all of North Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. However, it is still an issue that needs to be factored in for any business that wants to secure its gains in York. Make sure that your organisation’s people and property are protected to the fullest extent with the help of Taybar Security. We have professional security guards that are well-prepared to keep you safe.

Areas We Cover Around York

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